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  • Manufacturer wood veneers. Sliced veneer Kazakhstan

    VENEER. Manufacturer Veneers. Sliced Veneer, Veneers, Manufacturer  Wood veneer, Sale Veneer, Veneers, Fabric Sliced Veneer, Veneer Price, Wood veneer, Veneer, Veneers, Sliced Veneer, Sawn Veneer, Manufacturer Veneer Oak, Ash, Beech, Alder, Birch, Pine, Veneering Wood, Veneer Price

    wood veneers cost. &USD / m2 Kazakhstan

    Wood Thickness,
    - $ * / m2
    Floor radial
    - $ * / m2
    - $ * / m2
    Wood veneers OAK - 1 Quality 0,65 1,21 1,11 0,92
    Wood veneers OAK - 2 Quality 0,65 0,76 0,70 0,58
    Wood veneers ASH - 1 Quality 0,65 1,09 1,00 0,83
    Wood veneers ASH - 2 Quality 0,65 0,69 0,64 0,53
    Wood veneers BEECH - 1 Quality 0,65 1,09 1,00 0,83
    Wood veneers BEECH - 2 Quality 0,65 0,69 0,64 0,53
    Wood veneers ALDER - 1 Quality 0,65 0,54 0,49 0,41
    Wood veneers ALDER - 2 Quality 0,65 0,37 0,34 0,28
    Wood veneers BIRCH - 1 Quality 0,65 0,48 0,44 0,37
    Wood veneers BIRCH - 2 Quality 0,65 0,35 0,32 0,27

    sliced wood veneers Kazakhstan

    sliced wood veneers (GOST 2977) turns out by planing wood on veneers sliced machine tools and intends as a facing material for products from wood. It(he) is developed from wood of following breeds:

  • deciduous:
  • pin-vascular - birches, a beech, a hornbeam, a pear, a maple, mahogany, lindens, an alder, a nut, an aspen, a poplar, a willow;
  • Largly scattered - vascular - mahogany (аиле, boss, лимба, African mahon or a common cashew, ocume, sipo, tiama, framire);
  • Ring vessels - a velvet tree, an elm, an oak, a chestnut;
  • coniferous:
  • larches, a pine.

    On a structure of sliced wood veneers subdivide into kinds.

    Kinds строганого veneer
  • Kind veneers Designation of a kind veneers Characteristic of a kind veneers
    on year layers on сердцевинным to beams
    Radial Р Year layers look like direct parallel lines located on all surface of a sheet Centr. beams look like strips located not less than on 3/4 areas of a sheet
    1/2 radial other Year layers look like direct parallel lines located not less than on 3/4 areas of a sheet Center. beams look like inclined or longitudinal strips located not less than on 1/2 areas of a sheet
    tangenal Т Year layers look like a cone of increase, corners or curves Heart-shaped beams look like longitudinal or inclined strokes or lines
    tangenal-face ТТ Year layers look like closed curves beams look like curves or strokes

    Note. Veneer from a nut, a pear, a velvet tree, mahogany on kinds it is not subdivided. Veneer from a pine it is subdivided on radial and полурадиальный.

    On quality of wood and sizes on length and width veneer subdivide into grades: 1 and 2.

    Veneer it should be produced edging and killed.

    Sizes edging veneer should correspond(meet) specified in table.

    Sizes edging veneer, mm
    Breed of wood Kind veneers Thickness Width, not less (with gradation 10) for a grade Length, not less (with gradation 50) for a grade
    Nominal. +/- 1 2 1 2
    - vascular
    Р; ПР 0,4; 0,6; 0,8 *plusmn; 0,05 120 -4 +5 50 -4 +5 900 +10 400 +10
    Т 0,6; 0,8
    - Largly scattered -vascular Р; ПР 0,6; 0,8
    Т 0,8
    - Ring vessels Р; ПР; Т 0,8; 1,0
    Coniferous Р; ПР; Т 0,8; 1,0
    All breeds wood (outgrowths) ТТ 0,4; 0,6; 0,8 *plusmn; 0,05 200 -4 +5 100 -4 +5 200 +10

    Sizes for killed veneer are established as agreed with consumer. As agreed with consumer it is supposed to produce veneer standard thickness not edging which minimal sizes on width and length долны to correspond(meet) specified in table. Humidity veneer should be 8*plusmn; 2 %.

    Parameter of a roughness of surface Rz max in accordance with GOST 7016 should be no more than 200 microns for an oak, ясеня, ильма, larches, a pine and Largly scattered -vascular breeds; for wood of other breeds no more than 100 microns.

    Sheets veneer stack in packs with selection for breeds, a kind veneer and to a grade. quantity(amount) of sheets in a pack should be not less than 10.

    Each pack veneer should be tied up in one place at length veneer up to 1 m, in two places - at length more than 1 m by a twine in accordance with GOST 16266 or other material providing integrity of a pack. Packs veneer stack in packages in weight from 80 up to 500 kg with selection for breeds of wood, grades and thickness. As agreed with consumer it is supposed to form packages in weight more than 500 kg. Each package wrap up in two layers auxiliary packing means which ends fix a polyethylene tape with a sticky layer in accordance with GOST 20477.

    As auxiliary packing means use a polyethylene film in accordance with GOST 10354 or a two-layer packing paper in accordance with GOST 8828 or other materials providing preservation of humidity veneer at transportation.

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